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Can Tarot predict my future? Sort of.

Tarot is traditionally a tool of divination, which is to say, fortune-telling, the act of seeing what the universe has in store. But is our destiny predictable, or do we have some say over what happens?

Sometimes I consider this psychotherapeutically: if we find ourselves in painful, yet familiar situations or relationships over and over again, unconscious patterns may be at work. If we never deal with these patterns then, yes, our future is destined in a way, because we will recreate those situations ad infinitum. In the words of Carl Jung: until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

I feel that Tarot can help bring unconscious patterns to light by working in two ways: to show the likely trajectory of something based on past and present energy but also to show how we can shift this trajectory through awareness and choice. The cards can guide us towards our own agency in any situation if we ask the right questions.

The old free will debate has been around for ions (personally I’m quite obsessed about how we shape and are shaped by our reality – it’s the subject of both my novels) and there are plenty of Tarot readers out there who will be happy to give you a predictive or psychic reading. But for me, a true act of creativity is harnessing our own intuition and directly engaging with the muse/ the unknown/the universe/spirit (insert your own definition here) ourselves. This is why I always encourage people to connect with the cards during a reading, and the meaning they see in the cards. It’s amazing to witness the insights people receive when they can trust what comes to them – and it’s always true.

The High Priestess card teaches that true wisdom is the surrender of certainty and knowing and I feel it’s wise to follow her example. At the end of the day, who knows what the bigger spiritual picture of our lives may be? Personally, I feel that Tarot taps into a guiding intelligence that is much bigger than us, but also resides within us. Everyone has access to this intelligence, it’s just a matter of connecting with it e.g. through Tarot, meditation, music, writing, nature, art…whatever conduit is right for you. Then you don’t need to rely on a fortune-teller to reveal what is going to happen because you are already connected to destiny and your part in it. You are the fortune-teller.


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