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Questions, questions...

Like the figure here in the Seven of Cups, it can be difficult to know what to focus on sometimes in a Tarot reading. Choosing a question is important because it acts as a container for the Tarot session, grounding and focusing the energy. In other words, it helps to bring all those floating cups into reality.

To receive the most insightful Tarot reading possible, it can be helpful to formulate a choice-based question. This can be as simple as changing how you phrase your question from a ‘closed’ question that begins with Will... Does... When... Is… Should... to an ‘open’ question that tends to begin with What… How… Why....If. Open questions help to expand the issue and your agency in the situation.

Instead of asking: ‘Will I be successful as an artist?’ you might ask: ‘How can I be successful as an artist?’ Or instead of asking ‘Am I in the wrong job? you could ask: ‘What are my current challenges and how can I move forward?’ Instead of asking ‘When will my relationship improve?’ you could ask, ‘What do I need to know about my relationship, and how can I change things?’

Shifting the onus of the question in this way helps open out the ‘thinking space’ around the issue. In this way Tarot works as a creative, intuitive resource to empower you in the here-and-now. Open questions are empowering because they shift the focus from you being a passive recipient of fate to the choices you have in any given situation.

Like the figure in the Seven of Cups who is conducting his orchestra of cups (and some say, illusion), you are the one who ultimately has the choices. Maybe we are dealt the hand we have in life – but you can still play those cards. Once you choose a cup (and a question) prepare to feel more grounded, more empowered, and ready to work with the universe.


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