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Tarot for creativity

Tarot is a traditional tool of divination which offers guidance in the form of cards, each of which have many meanings. The rich symbolism, archetypes, and imagery in the cards taps into the right-brain of the creative subconscious. 

Tarot can help explore the reasons behind creative blocks and help you to restore your flow. It also supports craft, offering the guidance and problem solving to shape your creative projects. Each reading centres on a question you wish to ask - my guide to asking questions can help you get the most out of our session.

I offer Tarot readings online (email or Zoom) and in person. We can work together over one or more sessions as required. For Zoom and email readings, please book using the online form (email readings will be sent to you within five days of the booked session).  For in person readings, please contact me directly. 

By email

Email readings are an ideal way to receive guidance from the cards in your own private space and time, without you having to talk about the issue. In order to carry out the reading, I create an energetic space to focus deeply on your question, the same as I would for a live session over Zoom or in person.  The reading will be sent to you as a pdf file including a photo of the spread so you can connect with the cards and imagery yourself.  See a sample reading here.

By Zoom

This offers a live, collaborative Tarot experience. I will offer my reading of the cards and you will have the chance to see and respond to the cards too. Working over Zoom sometimes lets us to go that bit deeper because of the interaction we can have with and through the cards. The powerful imagery and symbolism in the cards can sometimes bring up thoughts and feelings that we can explore and talk through.  A photo of the spread will be sent to you following the reading.  

In person

In person readings offer you a tactile experience of the cards where you can connect directly with their imagery and symbolism. I will offer an interpretation of the spread, but in person sessions give you the chance to interact with the cards yourself and intuit what they mean to you. This can connect you powerfully with your own creative sources in a contained and therapeutic space.  In person sessions take place in my consulting rooms in Brighton, UK.

Tarot readings are provided for entertainment purposes only.

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