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Ace of Pentacles Reversed: procrastination

I’ll do it tomorrow we say, and then tomorrow never comes. Just like the hand holding the pentacle of opportunity in this card, we put off taking it through the gateway at the end of the garden.

Why? Maybe if we really want something, the spectre of failure raises its head. Avoiding something feels a lot safer than doing it, with all the accompanying risks. Or it might be the case that our standards of ‘perfection’ are set too high, so why bother? (Sometimes, in the reversed position, I see the pentacle as a ball and the gateway as a hoop it’s impossible to reach.)

But what if tomorrow doesn’t exist? What if tomorrow is shaped by today, by right now, by this moment? If procrastination is getting in the way of your flow, it’s time to recover the joy in your creativity.

Try this spread for inspiration:

Card 1: What is my unique creative superpower?

Card 2: What nourishes this?

Card 3: What drains it?

Card 4: What can I do today to get back into flow?


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