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Five of Pentacles: rejection

In this card two figures are quite literally out in the cold. They are walking past a church or spiritual centre, but they can’t see its bright pentacles. If they did, they might get the opportunity to go inside and get warm and dry and fed. But they are too focused on their hardship.

Coins symbolise the material realms: practical things like work, money, material worth (and self-worth). When we – or our work – experience rejection, we may feel a lot like these two figures on the card. Their journey might represent the pursuit of a career, or the seeking of acclaim and recognition, which is not going so well at the present time for whatever reason. 

At this point in their journey the figures need sustenance. They need to reconnect with the reason they are in the creative life at all, beyond material things like money or recognition. They need to reconnect with the muse, the source of what they are doing, the meaning of it all from a higher perspective. If they were to go inside the church, they may well find this meaning. This will give them fuel for their creative journey.

Fail again. Fail better (Samuel Beckett).


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