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Seven of Swords Reversed: the imposter

In this card the figure is creeping away with all the swords in his arms. Upright, this card is all about strategy (and sometimes deceit.) Reversed is the shadow side of strategy: the idea that we are ‘getting away with it’ rather than deservedly achieving something. Imposter syndrome, in other words.

A major block to creative process is often the feeling of whether we merit the outcome of something. Sometimes we can unconsciously sabotage what we want because of unresolved feelings of self-worth. We may feel we are an imposter in our craft, or our success. This can manifest as the inner critic for example and diminishing self-talk.

There are ways of working with imposter syndrome (I find Reiki particularly useful) however I feel that our blocks and our shadows and our imposters, are things we must befriend rather than erase. I’m not even sure it’s possible to erase them because, as parts of us, they will only manifest in other ways if ‘cured’ or disowned.

I’ve got a good spread for working with imposter syndrome. It can be helpful to imagine the imposter as another part of you who just needs to be heard for whatever reason. This can take the sting out of it and open up the psychic space. Try this spread and see what comes up for you:

Card 1: Where does my imposter come from?

Card 2: How is it serving me?

Card 3: What does my imposter need from me so we can work together more harmoniously?

Card 4: What do I need from my imposter in return?

This spread may help you to integrate your imposter syndrome (as therapists say) working with it and seeing what wisdom it holds – because it always hold wisdom. Shadow and light are only ever two sides of the same coin.


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